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Eric Stutzman – Managing Director

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As Managing Director of ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership & Workplace Performance, Eric provides the overall direction for the development and delivery of ACHIEVE’s workshops and services. He has provided leadership in the field of conflict resolution and mediation since completing a degree in Sociology with a focus on mediation and peacemaking. He has worked as an administrator, board chair, senior mediator, trainer, and lead negotiator for other organizations in various parts of Canada. Eric believes that the best leaders and employees turn their minds first to listening with curiosity. He is co-author of the book, The Culture Question, and is the author of many of ACHIEVE’s workshops including Management and Supervision, Coaching Strategies for Leaders, and Dealing with Difficult People.  Eric is a gifted trainer who makes training material come alive for participants through humour and real world application.

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Randy Grieser – CEO

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Randy Grieser is the founder and CEO of ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership & Workplace Performance and the Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI). He holds a Master of Social Work degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Conflict Resolution. Randy is a visionary leader who, together with a team of employees and trainers, has positioned these organizations to be two of the premier providers of professional development training in the industry. He is the author of The Ordinary Leader, and co-author of The Culture Question. Randy gives presentations on leadership and management principles to a wide range of audiences in business, education, health, and government settings. He believes leadership requires us to always be intentional about what we do and how we do it. Randy is a dynamic presenter who delivers insightful presentations that are engaging, humorous and informative. Find his latest thoughts on leadership at TheOrdinaryLeader.com.

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Wendy Loewen – Training Development Specialist

In her role as Training Development Specialist at ACHIEVE, Wendy ensures our training material reflects the current best practices in the field and is consistent with ACHIEVE’s Guiding Principles. She is co-author of the book, The Culture Question, and is the author of many of our workshops including Respectful Workplace, Assertive Communication, and Performance Management. In her work as a mediator, speaker, and facilitator she is committed to helping organizations create dynamic and engaging places of work where people care about each other, are productive, and deliver quality services and products.  Wendy has Bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and Education, and is currently completing a Master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Management. She is former teacher and director of a health and social services program. Wendy believes that learning is a dynamic and life-long endeavor and with commitment, guidance, and individualized support, this process should be enjoyable and motivating. She is an engaging presenter who delivers material in a format that maximizes the learning potential for all participants.

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Heidi Grieser, Co-founder & Director of ACHIEVE Publishing

Heidi is co-founder of ACHIEVE and after many years of being involved in multiple aspects of the organization, she now heads up our new publishing division. She brings her deep understanding of the training industry, combined with her passion for books, to ACHIEVE Publishing. In this role, Heidi organizes all the steps of the publication process. ACHIEVE Publishing is committed to producing exceptional and accessible books, and publishes one book each year alternating focus between subject matter relating to the areas of leadership and workplace performance, and mental health and counselling skills. Learn more about ACHIEVE Publishing. In addition to working with ACHIEVE, Heidi is active in the local community, and sits on several different boards.

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Michael Labun – Training Development Specialist

Mike has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Certificate in Conflict Resolution. He has over twenty years of experience as a leader in the mediation and conflict resolution field. Through his training and consulting work, he has helped a variety of organizations become better workplaces, including crown corporations, social service agencies, Indigenous communities, businesses and school divisions. Mike believes that education and training is largely about giving hope – people often come to a training to address a particular situation, and they want to leave with a plan to change it. In his role as Training Development Specialist at ACHIEVE, he works to ensure that our training material reflects the current best practices in the field. Mike is co-author of the book, The Culture Question, and is the author many of ACHIEVE workshops including Emotional Intelligence, Mediation and Presentation Skills. As a trainer, he has an interactive and engaging style that easily motivates participants to incorporate workshop material into their own environments.

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Delayne Hogan, Manager of Client Services

Delayne’s high standards for excellent service have been experienced by ACHIEVE clients for over 7 years. She is adept at solving clients’ problems and attending to their needs promptly and efficiently. In addition to managing the Client Services Department, she oversees our certificate programs, and liaises with our partnering agencies. Delayne believes it takes a positive attitude, an acceptance of different work styles, and a non-judgemental attitude to create and maintain a great work environment.

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Kloe Penner – Public Workshop Coordinator

Kloe provides coordination for our public workshops. She is available to answer your questions about ACHIEVE workshops and resources, and provide assistance with accessing any of our services.

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Tyler Voth, Client Services Support

Tyler works with the client services team at CTRI. He is the first point of contact for many of our clients requesting information about our services. Tyler can assist you with questions about registration and other matters related to public workshops.

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204-452- 9199

Cindy Rublee – Director of Internal Operations

Cindy has extensive experience overseeing workplace operations through her leadership roles in previous organizations. In her role at ACHIEVE, Cindy provides direction in both the technical and design aspects of the company.

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Lori Tiessen Banman – On-site Training Coordinator

Lori works with the ACHIEVE on-site training programs. Her role is to connect with clients to ensure the workshops meet their needs and to connect with the trainers to ensure they have the information to deliver high quality trainings.

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Colin Roy – Social Media and Video Projects Coordinator

Colin’s primary role is working in the area of social media marketing and video production. Colin brings a high level of creativity to the various projects he’s involved in.

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Karla Froese – Print Shop and Shipping Coordinator

As part of the logistics team, Karla runs our print shop and takes care of shipping and receiving all of our workshop materials.  Karla also provides support to our client services and marketing team.

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Micah Zerbe – Logistics Coordinator

As part of the logistics team, Micah is the primary point of contact for our training venues across the continent and makes sure that information is flowing in timely and accurate ways. He also focuses his time on a variety of internal projects including data management.

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Reid Hebert – Marketing Coordinator

Reid leads our email marketing campaigns and works with a variety of partners to promote our training and services. She enjoys being able to work with a variety of computer programs and is excellent at problem solving and tackling technical issues.

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Joyce Vincent – Accounting Manager

Joyce brings her many years of experience to CTRI as head of our accounting department. Her attention to detail and problem solving capabilities help ensure that that billing and invoicing are accurate and timely.

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