Diversity and Culture – Strategies for Working with Differences (1 day)

Diversity and cultural differences are often seen as challenges to manage within our work environments. However, they can also be valuable assets. This workshop helps participants to examine specific elements and dynamics of diversity and inclusion as they relate to culture, identity, communicating across difference, power differentials and experiences of discrimination. Tools and strategies will be reviewed to assist workplaces to promote inclusion and experience the many benefits of diversity at work.

About This Workshop

Workshop Outline

  • What are Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Exclusion?
  • Language Considerations – How We Talk
  • Understanding Culture
  • Culture Differences and Conflict
  • Communicating Across Difference
  • Culture and the Dynamics of Power
  • Discrimination and Rights
  • Organizational Strategies and Remedies
  • Case Study Analysis

Method of Delivery

Lecture, individual reflection, video, small and large group discussions, and case study review