Leadership – Insights for Thinking Differently (1 day)

This workshop will challenge you to think critically about your approach to leadership. Join other leaders in exploring new and different ways of working through challenges as well as opportunities, and develop new insights that will strengthen your leadership. Particular attention will be given to employee engagement and organizational health – two areas that our recent survey showed were of greatest importance to leaders and employees. This training is based on the book, The Ordinary Leader: 10 Key Insights for Building and Leading a Thriving Organization. Author and Speaker, Randy Grieser will share his own journey of leadership, and inspire you to think differently and grow as a leader.

Workshop Outline

  • Employee Engagement Matters the Most
  • How to Assess for Engagement
  • Vision Should Always Drive Strategy
  • Seeing Things That Impact the Future
  • The Talent Shortage Myth
  • The Role of Core Values in Talent Selection
  • Leaders Have Not Arrived
  • Passionate Leadership is Rooted in Purpose
  • The Lost Art of Thinking
  • Relational and Operational Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Getting the Right Things Done with the Time We Have
  • How to Stay Relevant, Needed and Useful
  • Leading for Creativity and Innovation
  • Eliminate Before You Delegate
  • The Number One Task Not to Delegate
  • The Human and Financial Costs of Unhealthy Workplaces
  • Assessing Organizational Health

This unique workshop is taught by Randy Grieser, author of The Ordinary Leader and our founder and CEO. Special pricing applies.

Method of Delivery

Lecture, self-reflection, video, small group discussions and case study review