Pre-recorded Webinars
General Questions

Pre-recorded Webinars

  • You will be sent a link to view the webinar.
  • The link will be live for a month which allows you to view it more than once.
  • You can conveniently watch the webinar whenever and wherever you would like.
  • If you are having trouble viewing a webinar, try using Google Chrome or Firefox.
  • To receive a PDF certificate of completion, participants must indicate they have watched the pre-recorded webinar in its entirety.  On the link we send you to view the webinar, you will have an option to confirm you have watched the webinar and request a certificate.
  • In viewing the webinar, we ask that you act with integrity in allowing only the amount of people you register for to view the webinar.

General Questions

Q – Will I receive the same information from the webinar as I would if I attended a public workshop?
A – No, the webinar is an abbreviated version of our workshops and will not cover all of the material that our in-person workshops do.

Q – Why would I choose a webinar then?
A – Usually people choose a webinar because they can’t afford the travel costs to a public workshop or the time away from work. Webinars offer a chance to receive current and relevant information that is cost and time effective.

Q – What will I see on my computer screen the day of the webinar?
A – You will be able to see the presenter and the powerpoint presentation at the same time.

Q – From where can I attend a webinar?
A – Our webinars are accessible in most places around the world that have internet access.