Individual resistance to change can be a significant stumbling block to progress. Whether a change is complex and far reaching – or a smaller more localized change – leaders need to be able to get their team members engaged in meaningful ways. Drawing on several psychological approaches, including motivational interviewing, this workshop offers a new lens through which leaders of change can view resistance. Participants will learn tools and strategies to allow them to coach their team members toward engagement and success.

Some of the Topics Included

  • Exploring Readiness for Change
  • Key Steps for Coaching Through Resistance
  • Power Struggles: Identifying and Avoiding Them
  • Identifying and Creating Space for Resistant Parts
  • The Importance of Curiosity
  • Using Compassion and Connection
  • Finding Common Ground
  • Supporting and Building on Change Talk
  • What to do if Change Isn’t Happening

Target Audience

This workshop is intermediate level workshop and will benefit leaders, managers, supervisors, and human resource personnel.

Method of Delivery