This workshop will challenge you to think critically about your role in leading through conflict.  Join other leaders, human resource professionals and conflict management professionals as we explore tools and strategies for leading through conflict with clarity, understanding and insight. You will learn to use conflict analysis tools to understand complex interpersonal dynamics and team tension so that you can make informed choices for where and when to intervene in a conflict. You will also learn a framework for coaching others through conflict as you explore your own case studies. This session will be of particular benefit for those who frequently work with the complexities of team tension and interpersonal conflict.

About This Workshop

Workshop Outline

  • How to Navigate Your Role as a Third Party to Conflict
  • Choosing Where to Focus Your Energy in Conflict
  • Understanding Conflict Escalation
  • Coaching for Conflict Resolution Framework
  • The Role of Leadership Styles in Conflict
  • How to Address Conflict Rooted in Style Differences
  • Tools for Navigating Difficult Conversations
  • Skill Integration: Coaching for Conflict Resolution


On-site Training

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Method of Delivery

Presentation, demonstration, personal reflection, video, small and large group discussions, case study analysis and skill development.

Target Audience

This workshop is intermediate-advanced in nature and will benefit those who frequently work with workplace tension and interpersonal conflict.