Managers are often faced with the challenges of guiding their teams through organizational change. Whether a complex, formal and far reaching initiative, or a smaller scale, more localized change, leaders need to get their team members on board and engaged in a meaningful way. Resistance to change can be a significant stumbling block to this process, and managers often struggle to know how to facilitate the change process in the people they work with. Drawing on several psychological approaches, including Motivational Interviewing, this workshop offers a new lens through which change leaders might view resistance, and will provide them with tools and strategies to allow them to coach their team members toward engagement and success.

About This Workshop

Workshop Outline

  • Examining Your Philosophy of Resistance
  • Defining Readiness for Change
  • Steps to Motivating Change
  • Power Struggles: Identifying and Avoiding Them
  • Creating Space for Resistant Parts
  • The Importance of Curiosity
  • Using Compassion and Connection
  • Identifying Resistant Parts
  • Finding Common Ground
  • Supporting and Building on Change Talk
  • What to Do If Change Isn’t Happening



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