Facilitating effective performance reviews that are development-based, supportive, and process-oriented is a critical skill set for leaders to develop. Performance reviews can be a meaningful way to engage employees and increase productivity. This workshop explores how to measure, monitor, and enhance the performance of employees. Participants will learn how to prepare for and facilitate performance reviews that serve to motivate and elicit the best from employees.

Some of the Topics Included

  • Setting the Stage for Employee Engagement
  • Performance Management Fundamentals
  • The Importance of Preparation
  • Keys to Facilitating a Performance Evaluation Effectively
  • Tips for Giving Corrective Feedback
  • Dealing with Difficult Responses
  • Writing Objective Reports

Target Audience

This is an introductory-intermediate level workshop.

Method of Delivery

Presentation, video, experiential practice, personal reflection, and small group discussions.