Workplace Violence Prevention (1 day)

The potential for physical violence in workplaces can be minimized when organizations proactively prepare for such incidents. This workshop provides a framework for having thoughtful discussions around planning for violence prevention. Participants will learn strategies to help them identify, assess and manage individuals who may be escalating towards violence. In addition, this workshop provides the fundamentals of key interpersonal communication strategies for de-escalating potentially violent incidents.

About This Workshop

Workshop Outline

  • Spectrum of Violence
  • Potential Perpetrators of Violence
  • Violence of Passion/Anger
  • Targeted Violence Stages
  • Possible Attributes and the Problem with Profiling
  • Workplace Violence Assessment
  • Warning Signs and Behaviors of Concern
  • Threat Assessment Overview
  • Threat Assessment Teams and Planning
  • Threat Assessment Guiding Considerations
  • De-escalation Strategies
  • Managing and Monitoring
  • Violence Prevention Planning


On-site Training

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Method of Delivery

Lecture, personal reflection, video and small group activities